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Wednesday, November 02 2016

Love your neighbour as your self. Not more than yourself or less than yourself.  Before you can apply this principle you need to actually love and value yourself. It's said that people treat you or see you the way you see yourself.  Have you been seeing yourself as a failure and wondered why you are constantly failing in everything or find your self constantly being disappointed? It's because of how you see yourself.  Do you see yourself very small and wonder why people look down on you?  It's because of how you see yourself.

I remember being called for an interview in a company once.  At that point in my life I was very insecure, a negative thinker and I was almost giving up on looking for a job.  Then, I was very intimidated by people. The inverview happened to be a group interview and at a point each of us where given sometime to speak about ourselves, our achievements and why we should be given the position and we had to do this in front of everyone. Let's just say that interview didn't go well at all.  I was so scared, so intimidated by the people there, I was shaky and couldn't even get a sentence out correctly. I knew for a certainty that I wasn't going through the second round. With the kind of mindset I had it was written all over me.

About a year or so after I had another interview with the same company. But this time I had grown, I had developed my confidence, I was sure of myself, I  knew I was just as good as the next person beside me.  I had achieved a lot as well.   The love for me was growing. I was loving myself more and this was written all over me. It was the same process again, stand up and talk about yourself. This time I spoke with so much confidence with a smile on my face. This was in front of the group and also in front of the founder of the company. Just before I got home that day I received a call for a second interview. I was told the founder of the company was very impressed with the way I spoke and also with the questions I asked. 

The way you see yourself matters a lot in how people perceive you and also relate and treat you. You can't love your neighbour as yourself when you don't love yourself. Change the way you think. If you say 'I can do it' then you can't. If you say 'I am beautiful' then you are. If you love you others will too.

Begin to focus on yourself. Look in the mirror and tell your self you are beautiful.  God made us in His image so there is no way we can be less than what God planned for us.

You are what you think you are.

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