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Saturday, February 18 2017

Don't let the devil take your prayer your praise and your worship.

As great as 2016 was. There was still one thing I had been struggling with. This particular thing has got me up and down happy and sad. It has really stretched my relationship with God. Towards the end of the year I found out that I had given up. Not praying as I should not praising or worshiping like I should.

A friend sent me a link to a preacher who preached on ‘God's timing is the best’. While the message was great, the one thing that stood out to me and that really hit me was where he said the devil can take anything from you but never allow him to take your prayer your praise and your worship. That statement really hit me because I knew I had not been praying the way I should especially in that area I was struggling in. I wasn't worshiping as I normally would and my relationship with God is based on worship, but even at this time I wasn't even able to open my mouth to praise. I realised if I continued like that it meant I have allowed the devil to win. That statement strengthened me. For the next few mins that day I worshiped with all my heart and it was beautiful.

It is said In the bible that the devil comes to steal kill and destroy. That's literally what the devil is after, to take what is yours.

Job Is a very good example. Job was one man that went through so much in one day. He lost all that he had. His children, his possessions, everything in one day. His friends discouraged him, even his wife told him plain and simple, curse God and die. How funny is this. But how strong and trusting was Job when he continued praying and he never let prayer depart from him. Many of us including myself would have given up, and instead of prayer we would just complain. But Job held on to God and in the end he was rewarded double of what he originally had.

No matter what you are going through.
No matter how low the devil thinks he can bring you, no matter what he has taken from you, never let the devil take your prayer your praise or your worship.

Do not let him win.

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