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Wednesday, January 18 2017

If you've lived long enough one thing you would have definitely noticed in life is that it's hard to balance it. Whether in school, work or even with something you are passionate about. Not to forget God in the whole equation.

Sometimes I find myself putting so much in to work and in the process forget the other areas of my life. It is dangerous putting your all into one part of your life and leaving the rest lacking. For a lot of us it's our spiritual life that is lacking because  we are so focused in trying to better ourselves physically. You’re striving so hard to do well in school, get promoted at work, secure a better future and God is sitting there waiting for us to just call on him.

Seek first His Kingdom and every other thing will be added. This is all God requires of us, and my God it's so simple!  Seek God first, put him at the top of your list before you go into each day and what you are seeking physically will be added.
How easy is this, but yet so hard? Why is it so hard for us to just hold on to that word? Why is it so hard for us to just put him first in our life and then let the promotion at work follow and the money and cars roll in after?

So many times I've had to go back to God and beg him, I just say ‘God I'm sorry I tried to do it on my own again. I tried to live life on my own again, I tried to make that crucial decision on my own. I'm sorry’.  Why do I keep taking my life back from God when he has told me that all I had to do was cast my burden to him? Every time I try to live life on my own, I end up running back to him.

To have a fulfilled and balanced life, your priorities have to be in order. In order words, God has to come first then everything follows. Social media, friends and all sorts can take up your time. You have to be self-disciplined and self-conscious. Self-disciplined in that you know when it's time to get off the phone and do some work. If you planned on studying for 1 hour, make sure you actually study for an hour. Self-conscious being that God has to be first in my life. So when you wake up in the morning God is the first person you speak too not grab your phone and reply your messages. You consciously pray and read your bible before you head out. This will eventually by the grace of God be a part of you.

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