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Friday, October 14 2016

It's very easy to accomplish something in life and then be lost in what you've achieved and you forget to move on. You find that you are still bragging about an achievement of two years three years ago when really you should have accomplished alot more since then.

For example you've finally finished your degree ang gotten a job. Two years or three years into the job and you are still comfortable where you are not thinking about going for further studies or trying to get promoted at work. In your mind you keep thinking "at least i have a degree".

I found I was in this same bubble for a while not even realising it. I was so comfortable where I was.  It's ok to shine definitely but it's so much better to keep shining brighter and brighter. When we get lost in our past achievements our light begins to dim and loose it's shine.

The bible says we are the light of the world. Which means it's up to us to shine up the place where ever we find ourselves. Sometimes I get intimidated though by this world because definitely their are people out there who can do alot better than myself there are people out there who might have more drive or determination than myself. But the bible does say with God all things are possible. It also says I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. This is exactly what makes us shine brighter than the rest.

I once heard: when you have an orchestra each one playing it's own beautiful piece not one of them in a competition with the other because they all know their position they all know the part they play and when they all play together it results in a very beautiful sound.

Once you are sure of youself and where you stand you are sure of your purpose, you would not need to be intimidated by the next person beside you. Each person shining brighter to be the light of the world. Never dwell on your achievements for too long. Once you've accomplish something move on to the next Don't get stuck in the past when the future is well ahead of you.

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